Honest Trailers | Friends

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Honest Trailers | Friends
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell, Danielle Radford & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Dan Murrell
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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  • C H A N D L E R !!!! ✊🏽😁

    Amber RyderAmber RyderКүн мурун
  • Glad you pointed out the lack of diversity

    Gabriella AugusteGabriella Auguste2 күн мурун
  • @6:33 Are you saying you were an extra on Friends?

    Pole TookePole Tooke2 күн мурун
  • I still hate when those salty Living Single fans keep claiming friends was ripped off from that show. Please. Friends is iconic worldwide for a reason and the other was not.

    Richie RichRichie Rich2 күн мурун
  • Ross, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Chandler, Pheobe

    Ruturaj ShiralkarRuturaj Shiralkar3 күн мурун
  • To be honest pitch meeting is lot better than this.

    English with MoviesEnglish with Movies4 күн мурун
  • Do Office

    Abin SulfikarAbin Sulfikar4 күн мурун
  • Every Character was awesome except Rachel😑

  • OMG!

    Aishya476Aishya4764 күн мурун
  • What do you expect it's caucasian humor at it's best so they say. If anything Jenny A. could get it then and now jus saying.😷🔥🥃🍺

    James BledsoeJames Bledsoe4 күн мурун
  • Wtf why do you want more non-whites in a show set in New York in the 90s this is accurate representation for that time period, white people wouldn’t have been hanging out with blacks

    First NameFirst Name5 күн мурун
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    Nora GearhartNora Gearhart5 күн мурун
  • Do Seinfeld

    Guy David KnollGuy David Knoll5 күн мурун
  • The one from screen junkies lmfao

    Cindy OrellanaCindy Orellana6 күн мурун
  • Please make honest trailer for the office

    Rudrashish KanjilalRudrashish Kanjilal6 күн мурун
  • 8:43 which ep is that?

    Sidharth JSidharth J7 күн мурун
  • Could this video BE anymore awesome??

    Christina FullerChristina Fuller8 күн мурун
  • Please do how I met your mother

    Yash KanejiyaYash Kanejiya8 күн мурун
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    Zimmerman DylanZimmerman Dylan8 күн мурун
  • The fact the show is a direct rip-off of "Living Single" (Look up what the showrunner said) with Queen Latifah, you would think it would be at least ONE or TWO Black characters..I mean "COME...ON"

    Aseenah RasulalahAseenah Rasulalah8 күн мурун
  • why not HIMYM? it would pretty much write itself

    vibovitoldvibovitold8 күн мурун
  • The interstellar part

    2012 should have been the apocalypse2012 should have been the apocalypse8 күн мурун
  • The office

    Syed MuneebSyed Muneeb9 күн мурун
  • The 90s: when you had long-running shows set in one of the most racially diverse cities in the world and yet you could count on one hand the number of minorities ever seen on screen.

    Mike R.Mike R.10 күн мурун
  • Ross is the only reason i didn't like this show that much.

    RiotdriveRiotdrive10 күн мурун
  • I didn't laugh at this one because this show is not funny.

    EnmanuelMC3EnmanuelMC311 күн мурун
  • Now I'm glad I never watched this show. I'm grateful for the hours I didn't waste.

    Cabochon1360Cabochon136011 күн мурун
  • Friends fans already made a lot of videos like this (like putting scenes of repeated words together)

    ShamlaShamla11 күн мурун
  • wheres how i met your mother honest trailer yooo??

    Shaed FadeShaed Fade12 күн мурун
  • Jesus loves you so much no matter what

    Lanie WillisLanie Willis12 күн мурун
  • Do people seriously find the supposed lack of diversity that annoying? The show first aired in '94! Eh, to quote the little girl from season10, "Whiners are weiners"

    Sounak SinhaSounak Sinha12 күн мурун
  • Friends is the best lol

    Jaylee NYCJaylee NYC13 күн мурун
  • Bad Dancing? It's not like we can dance

    Sameer KashyapSameer Kashyap13 күн мурун
  • do felicity !!!!!

    Claire Saint-MarcClaire Saint-Marc14 күн мурун
  • Ohmyygodd

    Lakshya DharwalLakshya Dharwal15 күн мурун
  • ...

    scienceysciencey16 күн мурун
  • This Honest Trailer makes me glad I never watched this show.

    magliadoromagliadoro17 күн мурун
  • I'm disappointed seven (7) is not included!

    Wenson PajaronWenson Pajaron17 күн мурун
  • Most annoying show ever

    E JE J18 күн мурун
  • After that entire video, HT Guy didn't hit the "YOU" hard enough in the final "How you doing?"

    gnshapirognshapiro19 күн мурун
  • I can’t wait to see what they’ll say about CW’s Supernatural😆

    LuKAIrioLuKAIrio19 күн мурун
  • That’s not OCD that Monica has. that’s just an absurd levels of perfectionism

    MopedsnuggieMopedsnuggie20 күн мурун
  • this is really funny you guys should do sitcoms more often like frasier, seinfeld, the office, or matt leblancs episodes...

    Jacob De BieJacob De Bie20 күн мурун
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    Connie FairchildConnie Fairchild23 күн мурун
  • I swear Phoebe and Chandler are the most relatable in this show lol.

    MichaelJMichaelJ23 күн мурун
  • Fiona crapples is so uncalled for lmao

    Vincent Louise BeltranVincent Louise Beltran24 күн мурун
  • Monica and Chandler are the second best couple After Chandler and Joey

    The HomelanderThe Homelander25 күн мурун
  • Okay now I've perfect explaination why I hate FRIENDS.

    Lokesh SharmaLokesh Sharma27 күн мурун
  • I love how the tone changes when we’re hearing Pheobe’s description.

    HeavyMetalSubZero _HeavyMetalSubZero _27 күн мурун
  • 9:35 Right??

    Pritiranjan PustiPritiranjan Pusti27 күн мурун
  • Let's see how "How i met your mother" will keep up to this.

    Михаил КалининМихаил Калинин27 күн мурун
  • Honest trailers for dawson's creek please

    Esau HernandezEsau Hernandez27 күн мурун
  • Now do Seinfeld, it's only fair

    Mr FrankMr Frank27 күн мурун
  • I feel sorry for the intern that had to search all those episodes for those quotes and scenes. 😂

    MoeMoe27 күн мурун

    Brandon MedinaBrandon Medina27 күн мурун
  • My cheeks are hurting for smiling and laughing to much.

    kjdpkjdpАй мурун
  • God i hate ross and rachel

    GauriGauriАй мурун
  • Boring

    Denise WilliamsDenise WilliamsАй мурун
  • Next honest trailer suggestion: That 70s Show

    Moises RosarioMoises RosarioАй мурун
  • Honestly this is the best sitcom of all time

    Diana GuldhammerDiana GuldhammerАй мурун
  • when are u going to make one for how i met your mother

    Ronald HmangteRonald HmangteАй мурун
  • How do people find this funny???

    GeniGeniАй мурун
  • I don't know what they are on about Ross and Monica are Jewish and Joey is Italian thats plenty of diversity right there.

    Pyro MagicPyro MagicАй мурун
  • “Need more Friends?” Yes. Yes I do.

    Bacon HattybeeBacon HattybeeАй мурун
  • A show about shitty people who treat others and each other like crap, what's to like?

    RazielTheLostRazielTheLostАй мурун
  • This video makes me glad I wasn’t born in the 90s

    Katelijn HovestadKatelijn HovestadАй мурун
  • I love the name for this lol

    Rakim WashingtonRakim WashingtonАй мурун
  • This makes me never wanna see Friends now

    Film ToppingsFilm ToppingsАй мурун
  • Community would make a great honest trailer

    Nicholas McNabNicholas McNabАй мурун
  • “Could I BE wearing any more clothes”

    london mockettlondon mockettАй мурун
  • I could honestly do without Ross and Rachel together and separate. But Chandler and Monica are amazing

    london mockettlondon mockettАй мурун
  • Hahahaha!

    Coasterman13 OfficialCoasterman13 OfficialАй мурун
  • They couldn't had human writers for this for long. Sounds like they took a few scripts and let a few bots randomly generate more.

    Esther SparrowEsther SparrowАй мурун
  • just imagine how boring it must be to make honest trailers look boring .

    Shahroz NurullahShahroz NurullahАй мурун
  • Marcel😢

    Raiden DaigoRaiden DaigoАй мурун
  • How did they miss George Clooney

  • 1:42 what's that iconic hand move called

    Sonali KetSonali KetАй мурун
  • Do Community

    Dakota NicholsDakota NicholsАй мурун
  • This was funny until you came up with the title. "Dear White People" P.C. jokes aren't funny, everyone that has some sense for comedy realises that. P.C. culture is a pest that is ruining comedy and just media in general. Quit being a sellout Screen Junkies and suck up to P.C. Culture.. Common, you're better then that.

    Stefán Atli JakobssonStefán Atli JakobssonАй мурун
  • Smallville next please

    The D.A.N showThe D.A.N showАй мурун
  • I forgot that these show created the friendzone, and how the hell did they live by in Manhattan?

    Rivers BlissRivers BlissАй мурун
  • We 👏 need 👏 a 👏 honest👏 trailer 👏 for 👏 glee

    Kate TaylorKate TaylorАй мурун
  • It's obvious from just this that Chandler carried the entire show !!

    Ayoub LaamimAyoub LaamimАй мурун
  • I don't know why I love this show so much.

    John PooleJohn PooleАй мурун
  • How I met your mother is better

    Roxy MxckRoxy MxckАй мурун
  • The basic story interstellar goes back at least to Einstein. Brian May (Queen) wrote a song with that same basic idea (man goes in spaceship, comes back, family very old or long gone) in 1975 (‘39)

    Joseph NaeemJoseph NaeemАй мурун
  • Honest Trailer | That 70s show

    City HunterCity HunterАй мурун
  • *OH MY GOD !!!*

    Louis BenjaminLouis BenjaminАй мурун
  • Wait Hal Rudnick was an extra on Friends???? What??

    Jkdabomb10AJkdabomb10AАй мурун
  • Do the unbreakable Kimmy Schimdt

    RiviRiviАй мурун
  • I have never seen a single episode of Friends. This is frakking *brilliant*.

    Illisia AdamsIllisia AdamsАй мурун
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    Kim Minh AnhKim Minh AnhАй мурун
  • Sooooo Living Single? I mean, you're doing that one next, right?

    Stoopid Ambitious ProductionsStoopid Ambitious ProductionsАй мурун
  • do the office pleaseeeeeeee

    Meher KarthikMeher KarthikАй мурун
  • Love Screen Junkies

    Not John LennonNot John LennonАй мурун
  • For the 8:20 segment you missed "All right, check out this bad boy. Twelve megabytes of RAM, 500 megabyte hard drive. Built-in spreadsheet capabilities and a modem that transmits at over 28,000 BPS" ~Chandler with new laptop

    Jeremy SmithJeremy SmithАй мурун
  • I never liked friends. I still don't get why people do

    RisodairRisodairАй мурун
  • Can you make a MASH one

    HeroChikonHeroChikonАй мурун
  • So, if they were to "Reboot" Friends today, which Actors and Actresses would be cast in the 6 Lead Parts? Go ahead KGcode Comment Section, who would it be?

    William HermanWilliam HermanАй мурун
  • Chandler all the way.

    Sinan SaulicSinan SaulicАй мурун